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Low-cost Advertising for New Authors

Finding Your Audience If you’ve read anything on my website, you know I’m all about helping new authors succeed. Over the last few months, I’ve been researching the promotion and advertising resources available and I’m sorry to say it’s kind of bleak. There are some extremely helpful websites on this subject of “finding your audience,”… Read More Low-cost Advertising for New Authors


My Sci-Fi History

As with many love stories, my relationship with sci-fi didn’t start well. When I was seven years old, my eleven-year-old sister took me to a double feature: “Them” and “Tarantula.” One could argue those are horror movies, but they’re based on science-gone-wrong. “Them” is about nuclear testing creating huge monstrous ants, and “Tarantula” is about… Read More My Sci-Fi History

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What is Linky Blog Hop?

I thought I’d try out this blog linking idea to see if it would actually link me up with other authors. It’s still being created, so we’ll see if it works out. You can add your own blog site by getting the code at the bottom. Here’s the list so far…