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by CherylCurrie

Me at work



This blog is under reconstruction.  After decades of living life in all its complexities and opportunities, I am retiring to my first love — writing.  As always, I will share what I learn to help others be a success.  Shared knowledge and helping each other have always been my way of life.


Cheryl, It never ceases to amaze me at the value you provide to your subscribers.. You Rock!!! …  KH

“Cheryl is a Detail Oriented manager who watches The Balance Sheet like a Bank without ever losing site of the Objective.” - TM

“Cheryl is an inspiration to the online community for her knowledge and expertise in many areas of online marketing. One of her priorities is sharing that knowledge with others in order for them to achieve their full potential. I would highly recommend Cheryl Currie and look forward to continued success for all of us that have the pleasure of working with her.” – SB

“Cheryl is one of the most AMAZING LEADERS in the industry that I have had the pleasure of working with! She has the same Style I would use with the knowledge and techniques to teach a college education in Marketing! I LOVE this lady! She is amazing!” – MB

“I have always admired her abilities, enjoyed her humour and cherished her friendship.  Her ability to motivate and inspire is truly amazing and refreshing.She is intelligent,caring and charismatic.  Cheryl always has displayed a high level of professionalism and remarkable leadership qualities.  She is a wonderfully talented social media and internet marketing professional, artistically blending her talents and abilities to bring out the best in every person who is fortunate enough to work or socialize with.” – MS

“I recommend Cheryl because she is persistent, hard-working, willing to find the answers and chooses the best people to work with. She is fun to talk to, easy to reach and understands the importance of helping someone get started. She reached out to me on a specific problem and successfully calmed the waters for me.  Good things happen to good people.” – RM

“Cheryl has a heart the size of Texas with a brain to match.  She is super caring about not only your success, but also you as a person; a rare commodity these days.  I met Cheryl on Skype and she has helped me to develop my online business acumen as well as become my friend.  One thing you’ll find about Cheryl if you work with her, even for a short period of time; she is easy to get to like, and she really knows her stuff!”  AS

“If you’re looking to create multiple streams of income online, I highly suggest you get connected with Cheryl. She is one dynamic person.” — JP

In the early hours she extended herself to a complete unkown and spent several hours of her valuable time guiding me down the right path. HIGHLY recommended!!” –RM

“Cheryl is probably one of the most giving and generous people I’ve met online. We help each other out on anything and she is always available to help me or someone facing a problem. She is smart, amazing and hangs out with very high profile individuals. Don’t be shy to connect with her she is always there to help!” –RC

“You’re awesome Cheryl!  Thanks for all the great input!  For all the work you do, a company would have to pay you a LOT of money for all the services and support that you offer as well as your amazing online “University”!  You’re kind of like the backbone of communication for this group!  Thanks for all that you do Honey!  I’m serious about learning this stuff (even though I feel like I’m still in Pre-school trying to catch up to speed with the current technology).  I am amazed at all the information that is available to us!” –MB

“Cheryl is one of those rare leaders who takes the time to build relationships that blooms into true friendships. Cheryl has a hands-on management style that surpasses the “do as I say” mentality. An opportunity to know, work and prosper with Cheryl is not to be missed.” – CW

“Cheryl and I met in a Skype help group. I was not able to reach the person who should have been helping me and she saw my problem, told me should could and would help me, gave me times to contact her as she is very busy. In the early hours she extended herself to a complete unkown and spent several hours of her valueable time guiding me down the right path. HIGHLY reccomended!!” – RM