My Sci-Fi History

As with many love stories, my relationship with sci-fi didn’t start well. When I was seven years old, my eleven-year-old sister took me to a double feature: “Them” and “Tarantula.” One could argue those are horror movies, but they’re based on science-gone-wrong. “Them” is about nuclear testing creating huge monstrous ants, and “Tarantula” is about… Read More My Sci-Fi History

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What is Linky Blog Hop?

I thought I’d try out this blog linking idea to see if it would actually link me up with other authors. It’s still being created, so we’ll see if it works out. You can add your own blog site by getting the code at the bottom. Here’s the list so far…


The Blank Page

Does writing have to be an agonizing event of confronting a blank page?  Must we be the starving artist who, like Charlie Kaufman (Nicolas Cage) in the movie “Adaptation,” go to hell and back in our efforts just to begin? Here’s what some successful writers have to say about facing the blank page… The aspiring writer… Read More The Blank Page


Writing Tools

  With almost seventy percent of Americans wanting to write, one would think there would be far more tools out there. It has taken some time for me to find them.  Let me save you some time and effort. My first breakthrough in my quest to find economical sources for critiques and editing was Critique Circle.… Read More Writing Tools