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Low-cost Advertising for New Authors

Finding Your Audience

If you’ve read anything on my website, you know I’m all about helping new authors succeed. Over the last few months, I’ve been researching the promotion and advertising resources available and I’m sorry to say it’s kind of bleak.

There are some extremely helpful websites on this subject of “finding your audience,” but most new authors don’t know which ones they are. How do I know that? Over a million authors and only tens of thousands using the promotion sites.

One of the most helpful sites is Reedsy. I’m especially intrigued with their blog and resources.

Recently they’ve published several blogs with long lists of where to get your novel shared or promoted. There are a couple of articles I’d like to share.

The Art of Publicity for the Self-Publishing Author

Tim Moore claims that “A Nielsen study on the role of content in the consumer decision-making process concluded that PR is almost 90% more effective than advertising.”

The article goes on to explain a ball-park figure for a publicity budget and how to find a publicist who will charge by results. Good stuff! If you’re serious about writing novels for a living and you’re self-published, you will need a publicist and the sooner the better.

Paid Advertising

There are a lot of courses on Facebook advertising out there. Reedsy recommends working with a professional book marketer and offers a free course on Facebook advertising. I used to offer one, too. But, if you don’t know what PPC (Pay Per Click) is, or have other obstacles which prevent you from using paid ads online, you need a pro to help you.

Those of you who know something about online advertising should read the whole paid advertising article; further down the page, the different types of advertising for books are listed in their order of priority with Facebook right there

Facebook is my all-time favorite. Here’s why:

  • All you need to do is set up a Facebook Page (free)
  • Their promotions will take PayPal as well as credit cards
  • You can choose keywords to find your audience including age, gender, and location
  • They show how many people on Facebook match your selected audience
  • Small budgets are okay–as little as $5
  • The promotion can drive people to your Facebook page or website
  • Works great with landing pages or sign up forms

Setting up a Facebook page is common sense for an author. When you’re just starting, you don’t want to spend a fortune setting up a website or waste your time trying to reach people with an obscure blog. To find your “target audience,” all you need in the beginning is a Facebook page. Setting one up is fairly simple. After that, you can advertise the whole page or one post at a time. Here’s an example:

1. You click on “Boost Post” below what you want to promote. In this case, we’ll use my post about new author reviews.





2. A pop up appears letting you choose the audience you want to reach including area, age range, gender, interests and behavior.





3. You can see how large your audience is, set your budget limits and length of time you want the ad to run. 





4. During the campaign, Facebook tells you how many people were reached. They don’t charge you until the promotion has ended.




You can also promote your page, which is important for building a following. Be sure you know what your “Call to Action” is. If you want to build a list, provide something for free in exchange for their email address. If you want them to like your page, make sure you’ve given them a reason to do that. Don’t simply flash your book in front of them and tell them to buy it. That hasn’t proven to be a workable system.

 How To Advertise on Kindle

Kindlepreneur offers several free courses that would cost you up to $500 elsewhere. One of them is how to take advantage of Amazon Marketing Services (AMS). The ad system is similar to Facebook ads…but it’s Amazon Kindle…where your book is and it’s their customers you want. You can set your daily limit so you don’t overspend then see how well it works out for you.

To see the video provided by Kindle, click HERE.

I highly recommend you still check out Dave Chesson’s course on it at Kindlepreneur as well as his other courses for a great education on getting published and noticed. He “walks the talk” setting a great example for the rest of us…and he’s funny and easy to listen to.

Reedsy supplies a search to match your book and budget to a promotion site. When you find one, though, pay attention to the fine print. Most of these services are looking for free and/or discounted e-books. If you published with KindleSelect, you don’t want the promotion to go out until you’re running a free or discounted e-book campaign on KindleSelect.

This blog is only a short list and synopsis. Hopefully I helped point out some of the trees in the forest. There are many more free services and books I can recommend, but I think you have enough to keep you busy for a while. You can always drop a comment below with information about what you’ve found successful, ask a question or let me know if this helped.

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