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Lesson One: Mindset

by Cheryl Currie

School Purposes:

1. To answer the question “What do I do next?”

2. To help people market successfully on the internet

3. To teach all aspects of internet marketing while keeping your business under  your own control.

4. To impart information on how to set up a business that runs on automatic allowing the entrepreneur to achieve personal aims without losing income sources.

I recommend completing each lesson in order so that when you are done, your business is set up with a basic “sales funnel” in place.

Why My Internet Training Is Free …


Think and act at the level you are trying to achieve.

In other words, consider the task as done.  Conduct yourself and your business as a successful person.  Your approach has everything to do with your success.  Do not agree with anyone or anything that attempts to convince you that you will fail.  Surround yourself with like-minded associates.

Your education or speed of learning has little to do with your ultimate success

By statistics, education and IQ are not a factor in a person’s financial success.  Many business owners who are now multi-millionaires never completed their formal training.  The DID, however, spend years studying and learning their chosen field.

Persistence and belief in self is a key factor to success.

Remember the story of the Tortoise and the Hare?  The hare was overly confident, got off to a fast start but took a break.  While the rabbit napped, the tortoise, who was slow but steady, finished the race.  Apply this to marketing and you can get this philosophy:  It doesn’t matter how fast you go, the point is TO MAKE YOUR GOAL!

My story: A little over two years ago, I had never been on the internet.  Technology had passed me by and then some.  But, part time, I studied and observed, moving steadily along, like the tortoise.  Now I can design a website, talk the talk and walk the walk and make extra income whenever I want.  Whether you’re a tortoise or a hare, YOU CAN DO THIS !!!

Learn Step by Step from those who have already achieved success

All lessons given here are compilations from marketers who have achieved phenomenal success not only for themselves but for others as well.  Another criteria for passing along the information is that I have personally tried it and found it to work.  Even then, I have not included it unless the majority of the people I help can understand it and put it to use.  The final requirement I placed on a lesson was that it had to be affordable.

Develop the right mindset with:


Thousands of testimonials from successful marketers will tell you they started experiencing success after they mastered the principles of magnetic sponsoring and attraction marketing.  To learn more about these invaluable skills, please use the following links:


Overcome the first barrier to achieving success in any network marketing – getting started. You may have heard that the only wrong action is doing nothing, that never starting is the only failure, better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all … It is commonly known that those who are willing to try new things fare better in business.

The information you need to start might be spread out, in bits and pieces, out of its proper sequence, beyond your comprehension and for those reasons, not easily available.  But if you don’t dig in and get into action, you’ll never get anywhere!  Those who succeed comprehend the task then get it done no matter how hard or how long it takes.

Specific instructions for particular internet marketing systems are available by request. You can email me at, Skype me at, or call me at 760-780-1449.

Why the very first lesson is MINDSET

On your journey through internet marketing, you will hear a lot of different reasons why people make money such as having to get in on the ground floor of a brilliant new opportunity, finding the right mentor who tells you exactly what you need to know, coming up with your own product that sells like hot cakes, and so on.

The one common thread in almost every case is that the person persisted, sometimes for a decade, learning along the way, never giving up, knowing that someday they would make it.

What makes a home business work is YOU.

People will be drawn to you, they will befriend and remain loyal to you IF you care about THEIR success.  If your emails are appealing, your customer service is effective and what you offer takes care of their problem, your customers will remain your customers.  Whether you are a private enterprise, network marketer or an affiliate marketer, you will fare better if you stand out as unique — different from the crowd — with your own site, your own message and, most importantly, your own personality.  Nobody likes a fake.  Be real with people and let them get to know you.  This is called “branding” and it is getting known, thought well of and trusted.

Copy cats get lost in the crowd while powerful teams pull way ahead of the crowd

The majority of network, internet and affiliate marketers use what is called a “replicated site.” These are carbon copies of someone else’s sales page or website.  While it may be an excellent website, this technique can stop you before you begin simply because you are one of thousands promoting the same thing with the same message.  You need to “make a name for yourself” through your own contact methods.

The company or product you represent may not last but YOU can go on, especially if you have demonstrated helpfulness, effectiveness and persistence.

Your “brand” should be your name or a catchy phrase.  Check out what some of the top earners call themselves.  Mike Dillard is known by name but also by “Magnetic Sponsoring.”  Daegan Smith by “Maximum Leverage,” for example.  Be willing to be known and to stand out from the crowd.

Determine what makes YOU unique

I have found that no one particular personality does better than the rest.  If that were true, then all millionaires would be exactly alike.  Some of the most successful people have been outlandish, comedic or entertaining, some had a knack for pointing out the obvious, while others struggled with drawing attention to themselves and worked behind the scenes.  Some never slept and barely ate while others seemed to achieve success with ease.  I know at least two multi-millionaires who were complete failures and deeply in debt until they became so desperate that they suddenly launched their way to success.

In fact, there are only two basic characteristics I can confidently name as applicable to all successful people:

1. A no-nonsense, uncompromising and focused view of what they wanted to achieve; and,

2. A well-defined concept of their relationship to “the masses” coupled with precise qualifications for any close associates.

If you want success, team up with successful people

Don’t roam the internet believing everything you hear, read or see.  Find out who the leaders are and find out what they do that is successful.  For example, one multi-millionaire was fantastic at recruitment but lousy at organization.  He could get a lot of people to buy and join but then moved on to the next opportunity, group or person.  His retention was terrible until he partnered with some people who excelled in customer relations and computer technology.  As a team, they had all the points covered.  You will find that most mult-billionaires chose their associates carefully and their partners were their closest friends.  Team up with successful people who offer talents you may lack.

How do you associate or team up with millionaires?  You don’t hang out on their lawns or try to trick their secretaries into putting your call through.  It’s much easier to read their books, attend their lectures, and go to their conferences.  Do this and you will hear the basic lessons repeating over and over — so many times you cannot possibly miss them.

Jim Rohn was and still is a pure pleasure to listen to.  His lectures are funny and show a comprehensive understanding of human nature.  Mike Dillard can be brutally honest about how people fail and what they should be doing instead.  His information is concise and full of excellent tips.  Zig Ziglar mastered putting across simple concepts with familiar analogies.  Robert Kiyosaki passes along a great deal of wisdom and common sense in the form of comparison.  If you want to know how to do something, study it, try it out and find out what works for YOU.

A key ingredient is the ability to focus

In life, and especially on the internet, distractions abound.  Study is not spending hours searching for the “right stuff” aimlessly trying this and that.  You can forget your own goals and get lost in the information.  The best leaders will tell you that YOU are the right stuff.  So, once again, what you really need is to know what you want to achieve.  Find training that reinforces what you want to achieve, choose like-minded associates and refuse to be stopped.

Don’t try to buy someone else’s expertise.  When new people ask “How do I get some leads and sign them up?” a true “expert” will answer with something like this: “Make a list of people you know or have met, pick up the phone and give them a call.”  A true expert is not going to charge you $2,000 for a consultation when you don’t even have the basics in place.

Why would a millionaire charge a complete novice $2,000 for consultation?  If he’s so rich, he should be willing to do it for free, right?  If you are on his team, that may be true.  But think with the concept “time is money.”  It isn’t necessarily that you will get training worth $2,000.  It’s more that the leaders in this industry know how much their time is worth.  The charge is valued on how much money they could have made if they were not on the phone with you.  And if you were not willing to be a member of their team, then there is no residual income for the future should you use the information and become a success.  It’s a simple matter of time investment.

This concept of time and money investment applies to your home business as well.  Specifically, invest in a talent you already have!  What you master will increase your worth to others. Some successful marketers are masters of video presentation, while others are copyrighting geniuses.  You need to discover what your skills are, your areas of expertise, your areas of passion.  Focus on that, MASTER that area FIRST.  You can partner with others who have talents you lack or outsource the tasks.  Then, and only then move on to master something you know nothing about.

Obey the the law of supply and demand

When there is an over supply of something, prices have to go down, business slows, jobs are lost, outsourcing and cut backs and other efforts to save the company occur.  When it’s your own business, you will succeed or fail according to this law.  There are ways to manipulate supply and demand.  Wall Street companies are masters of this.  When the demand is high, business is good.  When the market is flooded with what you are offering, then you need to get clever and ask “What will make people buy from this store rather than another?”

In most neighborhoods, there are several grocery stores.  In cities,  there can be one every mile or so.  Personally, as a customer, I’m willing to go the extra few miles or pay an extra few dollars to get exactly what I want.  If you really take a look at it, you will find you have a list of criteria for any place you shop and any item you purchase.

Some people believe that marketing is convincing others that you have exactly what they want. They use tactics known as positive reinforcement, color coding, repetitive messaging and hundreds of other tested and proven tactics to make a sale.  While proven tactics like these may increase sales, it would not be a BASIC tool.  Save it for later when you at least have a few customers.  But if you would like to see an example of sales techniques, go to my page called Inspiration Station, scroll down to the video about selling a red brick!

Your BASIC tool is finding out what people want.  When it comes to tricks, I like what Abraham Lincoln said:  “You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time; but, you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”

How do you find out what people want?  How about starting with yourself.  What stores do you frequent?  Why?  How many times would you return to a store that tried to sell you a hammer when you wanted and were ready to buy nails?  Does it matter to you if you got fast and friendly service?  Asking myself those questions, I decided that any place that provides me with exactly what I need at a decent price, gives me great service from a friendly and efficient staff, has my loyalty.  This answered my questions about what MY business should be like.

Are you really only in this for the money?

There is one message I am really sick of hearing on the internet:  “I’m making $60,000 a month and so can you!!!!”  The FTC is sick of it, too.  If you ever wondered what the FTC rules are, you can find them at

I highly recommend that you know the regulations for any business you set up and follow them precisely.  Maybe you’ll make a ton of money breaking rules but you could lose it all and then some if you disregard the law.  Building a business just loses its luster when you are skirting regulations and having to hide what you’re doing.

As a rule of thumb, remember this:  No one, and I do mean no one, can promise that you will make money.

The best mindset is to help others get what THEY need

The first game-changer for me was reading “Magnetic Sponsoring” by Mike Dillard and I highly recommend that book. Click on that title and get 7 FREE tutorial videos explaining how magnetic sponsoring works.

Mr. Dillard helped me revitalize something I had already learned but needed to be reminded about — that when you focus on getting others what they need, several benefits are gained.  One benefit is extroversion.  Your perception of the customers at large remains outward.  Another is a sense of self-worth.  People who feel they don’t deserve wealth will get rid of it even if it falls in their lap.  Your sense of self-worth is increased when people tell you that you’ve helped them.

This doesn’t mean you run around giving things away.  If you want to throw a ball and have it come back to you, be sure you have it set up to do that.  Throw the ball at an empty space and it’s gone.  What you give has to be something that will get you a return and it should be named and mapped out so that is exactly what happens.  You can give a free item away for a name and address and the opportunity to offer other things at a price.  You can invest time in team members whose success will add to your own income.   Mapping out how this should happen is a wise action to take.

Only pass along information your associates can understand and use!

I wasted a lot of time and money trying to learn what others obviously found simple.  You should never be so embarrassed about your level of learning that you’re afraid to admit you don’t know something.  If you are not honest about what you know and don’t know, the learning curve will remain out of proportion.

People who know about technical stuff on the computer can talk way over your head until you are spinning so fast you don’t even know what to say.  When that happens, remember this:  the person talking to you did not always know this stuff.  He or she did not get born knowing computer code languages. Tell the person that you don’t know what they are talking about and ask them to “dumb it down” and speak in layman terms.  You’ll be doing both of you a big favor.

Another waste of your time is to force yourself to do something you hate.  Sure, some calls have to be made, some tasks may be more unpleasant than others.  What I’m talking about is forcing yourself to do tasks you dread and get no results from.  If you hate calling people, either get someone else to do it or pay for a automated service.  If talking to strangers gives you the chills, find another way to reach them or hire a professional.  There are videos, ad copy, blogs, socializing, home parties, passing out cards, mailings — hundreds of marketing and advertising techniques and tools.  Don’t look for ONE magic bullet.  Look for what you enjoy doing and then master it.

I know a guy who attained a four-star level in a network marketing company in only six weeks!  He used a clever type of business card called “drop cards” and it had a single message with his website on it.  He distributed them all over town.  He’s an insurance agent and for him, this was easy.  When someone signed up with him, he would say “Buy these cards and do exactly what I did.”  And it worked!  His team loved him because he showed them a simple way to success.

But what about the person chained to their desk all day who does not get around town?  The cards may not going to work for that person and he will have to find another marketing system that works for him.

So base what you will use as a “Fast Start” method of getting people into your organization by what you find easy and what works.  Build a strong membership, solid customer base or loyal team, and pass along exactly what you did so your members, affiliates or associates can try it out for themselves.  Last point on this is that you need to get your new team member started RIGHT AWAY.  As soon as you have a few customers or members, you are automatically a leader.  Tell them where to find the information, send them here for free training, BUT GET THEM STARTED!

People join people, not businesses.”

Over and over this point has been proven time and again.  I realize I’m being redundant but it is almost unbearable listening to people tell me how their business is better or their product is the best.  I get tens of thousands of emails every month and half of them are spam, pure junk mail, all of them saying I’ll make so much money if I join their team.

When someone buys from you instead of Joe, they did it because they like you personally or they liked your ad or something you wrote appealed to them.  It’s good business practice to find out what people liked about you or your associates and be sure to get them what they want.  In Network Marketing, this is especially true.

If a person shows interest or signs up but nobody shows interest or helps him get started, this new team member will flounder around trying to make a go of it for a while but then drop out.  There are actions you can take right at the beginning to make your potential customers and/or team members feel cared for:

1. Set up a phone number that is just for your business.  Make sure that there is a voicemail for it and make sure it will capture the person’s phone number.

Return all calls, call team members and prospective customers regularly just to see how they’re doing — make them feel cared for.  Ask if there is anything they need.

2. Set up an email address just for your business with a “vacation message” on it.  The message should assure the person that you received their message and that you will get back to them shortly.  Be sure you do.  Add choices to it about what what they can do in the meantime like email you, IM or another phone number.

When someone needs help, they want to know you got their message.  Most email services offer vacation messages inside the account settings.  To ensure your associates get an email immediately, set up an email response to incoming emails using a vacation message.  The message should simple say:  “We have received your email and you should get a response within the next 24 hours.  If you do not, please call us at 555-555-5555 or send an email directly to our offices at”  Then be sure to do that — check your emails daily and ANSWER any that are an associate or customer.

3. Set aside a specific time of the day when you answer your mail and make your phone calls.

Until you are making enough money to outsource your phone contacts and email responses, you need to discipline your time.  When you start getting a lot of leads, you can hand them out to those who are already members of your team.  Just be sure to tell them to introduce themselves with “I’m an associate of (your name).  How can we help you?”  Give them a script or training that will ensure they represent you correctly.  If they do well, the person will want to sign up with them.  And the beauty of that is, when it’s someone in your downline or an affiliate, everyone wins.

What do you think is important in a business?

I have heard far too many people say “I have no idea what to say or do when I talk to people!”  You shop don’t you?  You deal with businesses every day.  You know exactly what you like and don’t like.  Before you start the next lessons, take the time to write down what you like and don’t like as a customer.  That’s a draft of what YOU consider an ideal business.  That’s your blueprint for how your business should be and how you should treat your customers and potential customers.

Your “mindset” is the foundation of your business!

Now let’s build the first floor…

I’m going to let you in on a secret that most people will not tell you — A website is NOT the first step. If you already set one up, that’s terrific.  But it’s not where people should start.  Why?  Because I have seen people wasting weeks on setting up or tweaking their websites when they could have been building up their mailing list and getting lots of leads on people ready to buy.  You don’t need a website to make a capture page.  A “capture” or “sales” page linked to an email campaign is FAR more important than a website.

Therefore, the next lesson will be about that:

Lesson Two A: Sales Funnel