Writing Prompts

Stuck for an idea for your story? Play with “writing prompts.”

You can search it online or on Pinterest. Writing prompts are great for practice, fun, and get the creative juices flowing.

Here’s an example, using a line from my book:

His mother appeared at the door. “Grab a shovel and meet me out back.”

What do you think happens next? Or maybe you’d like to think of what happened up to this point.

That’s what a writing prompt is. It prompts you to write.

One of the most used prompts is “What if…”

Neil GaimanĀ once said, in response to where he gets his ideas, that he thinks in “what ifs.” Like, if you become a vampire by being bitten, what if the vampire bites a frog?

Feel free to add your favorite writing prompts in the comments below.

Happy imagination…

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